Dripping Springs from William Ogilvie on Vimeo.

A quick little time-lapse of some time my friends and I spent at Dripping Springs lake in Okmulgee on September 12th, 2012. I hadn’t planned on shooting anything this night but when we got to the lake we realized the Milky Way was visible (which it usually isn’t from this area), so I setup my camera and we went about having a good time at the lake.

Shot on my 5D Mk II at 17mm.


a frame from one of my astrolapses during my stay in New Mexico, this was taken just South of the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch.


Put together 2 shots of lighning at school, this storm is raging right now! I bet there’s a few folks who wish the lightning would ACTUALLY hit the building =P

Shot on 60D at 18mm


I was breaking another rule in this one. I REALLY liked making this one, I love being outside and making long exposures and timelapses. Shot on my Rebel XSi with an L series lens borrowed from Clarence!