This is an advertisement for ONE Coconut Water that I did for our advertising class. It’s a multi-image compilation shot on a light table. 

Shot on my 5D Mk II with 17-40mm


Dripping Springs from William Ogilvie on Vimeo.

A quick little time-lapse of some time my friends and I spent at Dripping Springs lake in Okmulgee on September 12th, 2012. I hadn’t planned on shooting anything this night but when we got to the lake we realized the Milky Way was visible (which it usually isn’t from this area), so I setup my camera and we went about having a good time at the lake.

Shot on my 5D Mk II at 17mm.


Here’s a photo of Tiana one night when we went out fishing, I liked the sunset and the setting. 


Here is an HDR photo I did for Photoshop class. We had to take a photo(s) and make sure they were good enough for a client to buy. I think this turned out well, but I will be editing a few things on my 2nd draft. 

This was taken at Natural Falls state park in Oklahoma, just off of Highway 412 on your way towards Arkansas. 

Shot on my 5D Mk II, 17-40mm


just a campus quickie with the fountain, stars, reeds and water.

shot on my 5dMkii with 17-14mm L


Finally getting around to Editing my work from the Landscape New Mexico trip, I’ve had no end of trouble from my shots. Apparently my 5D’s date got changed so I was freaking out that I had lost several thousand shots, but they had all been put under a different date when I exported from my camera to my hard drive. Thank God. 

Time to get to work on them!

Here is just a little taste, a shot from our 2nd day hike up Clear Creek Canyon